Self-service technologies, smartphone apps, kiosks, online reservations — these are among the technologies revolutionizing experiences in retail, dining, healthcare, and a growing number of industries.

Customers are more empowered than ever before to shape their experiences with businesses and to demand smooth, convenient processes. Similarly, businesses are enjoying growing revenue…

You have probably noticed that the last few years have brought with them an uptick in the number of experiential venues and services. Anything that describes events or experiences beyond the more traditional theme parks and theme restaurants counts — think cat cafes, board game lounges, and interactive art exhibits.

Ombori on Assisting Service Staff

The restaurant and hospitality industries make up just one of the economic sectors that have been transformed by technology. Technological tools that started as a way to streamline business operations, boost revenue, and draw in customers have evolved.

Now, it is clear that when businesses leverage new technology and an…

Imagine being able to walk into a retail space over your limited lunch hour, selecting a handful of items you need to make dinner that night, and immediately leaving the store without having to wait in line to checkout and pay. While such a scenario may have seemed like a…

Ombori on Enhancing the Virtual Patient Portal

If you have been to the doctor’s office recently, you were most likely prompted to complete an online check-in process via the practitioner’s patient portal prior to attending your appointment. The same portal often provides patients additional benefits, including access to test results, communication with physicians, and the list goes…

Ombori on the Benefits of using a Content Management System
Ombori on the Benefits of a Content Management System

In order for businesses to remain competitive, they must create and maintain a user-friendly website for their customers. Unfortunately, many professionals feel less than tech-savvy and find this aspect of running a business challenging and even overwhelming. However, thanks to new technologies, developing a website is now easier than ever…

Ombori on Managing Crowds
Ombori on Managing Crowds

As the prospect of a post-COVID world begins to emerge, the reality is that we are far from seeing life return to pre-pandemic days. In fact, many predict that COVID has, in actuality, changed the way we interact forever.

For example, COVID has increased our awareness of the world around…

Andreas Hassellöf

Father, husband, coder and entrepreneur. Founder of @omborigroup

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