How Amazon Go Can Impact Shopping Trends

What is Amazon Go?

is the first “Just Walk Out Shopping” experience introduced to the public in 2018 by Amazon. The concept, developed and tested by a team of Amazon executives, is based on the idea of a convenience store designed to allow customers to conduct their shopping while never having to checkout.

Amazon Go: Paving a New Future

Amazon Go has not only created a new opportunity for consumers but has also branded itself as one of the most formidable competitors in the retail industry. Its new technology has created a barrier for other retailers, which may be challenging to overcome without Just Walk Out technology.

Technology Is Reducing the Demand for Retail Staff

One of the most notable benefits Amazon Go has introduced is the ability to reduce the number of staff required for business operations.

How Can Retailers Compete with Amazon Go?

To compete with Amazon, retailers must rely on new technologies to improve the overall customer experience. Although businesses may not offer Just Walk Out Technology, they have other options available to them in the market. Ombori Grid, for example, offers retailers an array of solutions that have been shown to improve the customer experience while streamlining business operations and improving financial returns.



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